Picking the Perfect Platform for Selling Printables Online


So You Want to Start Selling Printables Online

Hey there, fellow creator! Have you ever found yourself doodling away, dreaming of the extra income you could make from your own printables business? You're mid-doodle and think, “Hold up, this wall art I designed could totally rock as a digital printable!” Or perhaps, you've been deep in a Pinterest rabbit hole and stumbled across the intricate design of some to-do lists, sparking that thought, “I wonder if I could whip up something like this?” Trust me, friend, you're not the only one pondering these creative questions, and I assure you, it's a great way to step into the realm of online business.

Whether you're a newbie to printable designs or you've already taken that first step into the fun and rewarding world of creating printable products, the daunting task of deciding the best place to set up your online store can feel intimidating. I mean, there are a ton of platforms like Etsy, with its bustling community, and Shopify, with its complete control of your own shop, or even newer platforms for content creators like Gumroad, Creative Market, and Teachers Pay Teachers come to mind. Phew!

Feeling a tad overwhelmed? Well, let's pop that worry balloon because, darling, that's exactly why we're here today. We're going to dive head-first into this guide to understanding the sea of online marketplaces for selling your printables, comparing the best and worst of each. By the end of this article, you'll have a clearer vision of where you might want to set up your online store, selling those eye-catching printables.

So, friend, buckle up, grab your fave cup of joe (or hey, a soothing tea if you're in the mood), and let's embark on this exciting quest together! Let's turn your passion for printables into passive income, shall we?

Choosing An Online Shopfront to Showcase Your Digital Printables: It's Kinda a Big Deal

Ever spent ages trying to find that perfect picnic spot? The one with just the right amount of shade, a beautiful view, and close to a public restroom (hey, practicality matters)? Well, think of choosing where to sell your printables online in a similar way. You're looking for a platform that feels comfortable and intuitive, a space that vibes with your brand, and most importantly, a place where your dream customers are hanging out.

The Comfy Factor

Let's talk about the ‘comfy factor'—basically how user-friendly your chosen online marketplace is. Imagine uploading your printable products with ease, being able to understand the analytics without needing a Ph.D., and knowing that if a hiccup does occur (as they sometimes do), you've got reliable customer service to fall back on. Yep, the platform you choose should fit as snugly as your favorite cozy sweater—no itchy fabric in sight.

Vibe Check

Now, onto the vibe of your online store. It's all about how well the platform resonates with your brand and the type of customers you're hoping to attract. Every platform has its own culture, its own charm—its own vibe. Is it buzzing with creativity? Is it polished and professional? Ideally, you'll want to find a platform that complements your printable business, much like a perfectly curated color palette enhances a design.

Seeking Your Tribe

And let's not forget the lifeblood of your business—your customers. Where do they hang out online? What platforms are they raving about? The end game here is to find an online marketplace that's frequented by folks who'd totally be interested in your printables. Knowing where to find your target market is one of the most important things to consider when choosing where to sell.

Yes, finding your perfect ‘picnic spot' to sell printables online might require a pinch of time and a dash of research, but trust me, ensuring that your printables light up the eyes of your ideal audience makes the quest so worth it. Happy hunting, friend!

Etsy: The Bustling Artisan Fair

Imagine Etsy as an all-day, everyday artisan fair, brimming with vibrant stalls showcasing their homemade treasures. This online marketplace hums with creativity and unique finds. When folks are on the hunt for something unique and a bit quirky, Etsy is often their first port of call. And printables, with their charm and versatility, are exactly the sort of gems they're seeking!

Ready for the lowdown on selling your printable products on Etsy? Here you go:


  1. Simplicity, Thy Name is Etsy:
    • Etsy's done a stand-up job creating a platform that's as easy as pie to use. Getting your shop off the ground, listing your items, and keeping track of orders is a breeze. So even if the mere thought of technology makes you break into a sweat, I promise, navigating Etsy will feel like a walk in the park.
  2. Audience on Tap:
    • Etsy's got a huge, global community that's already got a taste for creative and unique products. When people stroll into Etsy's virtual marketplace, they're looking for something that catches their eye and warms their heart. Your printable designs could be the special something they're searching for!

The Not-So-Positives

  1. Rivalry on the Rise:
    • Etsy's popularity comes with a pinch of rivalry – and by pinch, I mean a whole heap of it. With so many printable vendors popping up like daisies, making your mark can be a bit of a challenge. You'll have to put your thinking cap on and figure out how to make your printables and shop stand out like a lighthouse in the sea of similar products.
  2. Fees, Fees and More Fees:

Despite these points to ponder, many sellers find Etsy to be a great place to sell their printables, thanks to its wide-reaching community and user-friendly vibe. Just make sure you've got a handle on the fee structure and you've got a plan to let your printables shine amidst the competition.

Shopify: Your Digital Shopping Mall

Think of Shopify as a blank canvas where you can paint your very own shopping mall. It's the dream platform for those with big aspirations and a clear vision for a full-blown online store. With Shopify, you're not simply setting up a stand in someone else's bazaar—you're crafting your own digital storefront. Yes, it's a smidgen more intricate and asks a bit more of its users, but the payoff can be monumental if you're game for the adventure.

Here's the scoop on using Shopify for selling your printables:

The High Points

  1. You're the Boss:
    • With Shopify, you're in the driver's seat. You have complete control over every nuance of your online store. You decide the aesthetics of your shop, how you showcase your best printables, handle your inventory, and connect with your target customers. It's your creative sandbox to mold as you wish.
  2. Marketing Tools Galore:
    • Shopify comes packaged with a whole array of advanced marketing tools. SEO features? Check. Email marketing integrations? You bet. Social media plugins? Absolutely. All these tools are designed to help you reach your target audience and give your sales a significant boost.

The Pinch Points

  1. The Monthly Tab:
    • Shopify comes with a recurring monthly fee for its services, starting at $29 per month for the basic plan. This is an aspect to consider while you're budgeting, especially if you're just dipping your toes in the printable business waters.
  2. Technical Know-How:
    • While Shopify is impressively customizable and potent, it does require a bit of tech savviness. You'll need to be at ease with online tools and might need to flirt with some basic coding if you truly want to customize your Shopify store.

While Shopify might ask for a touch more investment and technical prowess, it's a top-notch choice for those ready to take their printable business sky-high. Just be ready for the commitment, both in terms of how much time and finances are required.

Creative Market: Your Design-Centric Bazaar

Imagine Creative Market as a vibrant, digital market overflowing with design goodies of every conceivable kind. Frequented by those who relish the allure of design and its value, Creative Market is your platform if you're keen on mingling with fellow design aficionados. If your printables have an artistic slant and a touch of the extraordinary, you'll discover a warm and receptive audience here.

Let's unfold the ins and outs of Creative Market for your printable business:

The Upsides

  1. Audience with a Design Flair:
    • Creative Market is like a beacon for those with a creative bend. Your masterpieces will be viewed by an audience who cherish the sweat and tears that go into designing a product and are more than ready to shell out for quality designs. If you’re supremely confident about your design chops, it's an amazing place to trade.
  2. Fine-Tuned for Design Wares:
    • Creative Market is purpose-built for peddling design assets. The platform not only appreciates but also brings to the limelight design-centric products, shining a deserving spotlight on your artful printables.

The Downsides

  1. The Slice of the Pie:
    • Just like many other platforms, Creative Market takes a commission fee on your hard-earned sales. You'll need to weave this into your pricing strategy.
  2. Jostling with the Pros:
    • The quality benchmark on Creative Market is sky-high. You'll be rubbing digital elbows with professional designers, so ensure your printables can stand their ground.

To sum it up, Creative Market is a fabulous platform for those who have faith in their design skills and a discerning eye for aesthetics. While you might rub shoulders with stiff competition, it's a marketplace that genuinely esteems and champions top-notch design.

Amazon Handmade: Your Self-Publishing Haven Within the Retail Giant

Amazon KDP is akin to an innovative, independent bookstore nestled within a bustling metropolis—it's got all the charm and uniqueness of a local shop, but with the foot traffic of a city street. It's a focused, curated niche within the massive Amazon universe, offering authors a chance to showcase their self-published creations. So think of it as staking your claim to a cozy, literary corner of the Amazon mega-mall, where you get to court Amazon's colossal customer pool while still flaunting your book's self-published charm.

Ready for the details of offering your printables on Amazon KDP? Buckle up:

The Rose-Tinted Bits

  1. The Amazon Effect:
    • There's no denying Amazon's gargantuan presence in the e-commerce world. Through Amazon KDP, you get to tap into its vast, varied, and voracious customer base. That's a massive potential to amplify your sales and let your printable designs shine!
  2. Your Digital Corner
    • With Amazon KDP, your products won't just be a tiny fish in Amazon's massive pond. They'll hold court in a distinct section exclusively reserved for self-published works. That means the folks browsing there know the real-life blood, sweat, and tears that go into each unique piece. Your creations won't just be appreciated, they'll be celebrated.

The Thorny Parts

  1. Fee Fiasco:
    • Having your cozy corner in the Amazon world comes with a price. Amazon KDP does require a share of your earnings for its services. So make sure to consider these when pricing your printables to ensure your profit margin stays healthy.
  2. Strictly Business:
    • Amazon is pretty serious about keeping its customer experience top-notch. That means it's got a set of publisher rules tighter than a fresh jar of pickles. So brace yourself to play by these rules, and make sure your business operations are up to the task.

To wrap it up, Amazon KDP might feel a bit like walking a tightrope with its royalty rates and rules. But if you're game, it could be a real game-changer for your digital products, especially given the sheer magnitude of customers it opens your business up to.

Gumroad: The Minimalist's Dream Marketplace

If selling platforms were cafes, Gumroad would be that stripped-back, modern cafe where everything's clean, white, and oh-so-Instagrammable. It's a minimalist's dream, offering an easy, no-frills way to sell your digital products. Think of it like your digital next-door neighbor, always ready with a helpful tip or tool to help you set up your virtual garage sale. It's particularly loved by those taking their first step into the printables business world, thanks to its simplicity and its community that feels more like a family.

Ready for the scoop on selling your printables on Gumroad? Here's we go:

The Sweet Spots

  1. Keeping it Simple:
    • If you're a newbie still figuring out the online selling ropes, Gumroad is your best pal. Its straightforward and intuitive design means you can set up your shop without getting tangled in tech jargon or design details.
  2. Built for Digital:
    • Gumroad didn't just jump on the digital product bandwagon—it built the bandwagon. This means it's loaded with features tailor-made for selling printables, like instant delivery and secure storage.

The Sour Spots

  1. Not So Customizable:
    • Gumroad's simplicity is its charm—and its curse. If you're looking to flex your creative muscles and carve out a unique brand experience, Gumroad's limited customization options might leave you feeling a bit cramped.
  2. The Fee Situation:
    • Each sale on Gumroad comes with its own little fee. While this is standard practice across most platforms, remember to account for it in your pricing strategy to keep your profit margin on the sunny side.

All in all, if you're just getting started with your printables business or if you're a fan of keeping things simple and sweet, Gumroad can be a cozy, friendly platform for your printable sales journey.

Teachers Pay Teachers: Your Classroom-Inspired Market

Imagine Teachers Pay Teachers as a vibrant educator's conference, packed with teachers seeking enriching resources and creators like yourself, armed with innovative, educational printables. If your printables possess an academic flair or a sprinkle of educational essence, this platform could become your perfect playground.

Ready for the report card on selling your printables on Teachers Pay Teachers? Here it is:

The Gold Stars

  1. Your Niche, Right on Cue:
    • If you're getting the warm fuzzies thinking about creating printables that educate or add a dash of fun to learning, then Teachers Pay Teachers is your preferred spot. It's a dedicated platform for educational materials, making it the go-to if your designs are academic or instructional in nature.
  2. A Captivated Audience:
    • Teachers Pay Teachers hosts a dynamic community of teachers and educators, actively searching for resources to enhance their lessons. This could lead to a steady stream of potential buyers interested in your printables.

The Red Pen Marks

  1. Tough Competition:
    • While a targeted audience sounds like a dream, it also means you're sharing the stage with many other sellers courting the same educators. This could make standing out from the crowd a bit of a challenge.
  2. The Fee Factor:
    • Just like most platforms, Teachers Pay Teachers charges fees on each sale, so be sure to weave this into your pricing strategy to ensure you keep your profits healthy.

In a nutshell, if your printables are crafted with knowledge in mind, Teachers Pay Teachers could be a great tool to connect with an audience that truly values your creations.

Your Own Website: The Online Gallery You Curate

Envision the creation of your own art gallery from the ground up. You're in charge of the exhibits, the ambiance, the guest list—everything. Well, that's what it's like running your own e-commerce website for your printables. It's definitely more hands-on and requires some extra elbow grease, but boy, can it be a thrill to showcase your own products in a space that's uniquely yours.

Ready for a tour around the idea of selling your printables via your own website? Let's go:

The “Hooray”s:

  1. You're in the Captain's Seat:
    • When it comes to your own website, you're the head honcho, the captain, and the crew. You're in control of everything—right from the aesthetics of the site, the pricing of your printables, to the way you interact with your customers.
  2. Fee-Free Zone:
    • One of the significant perks of running your own website is bypassing the marketplace fees. This could potentially mean higher profit margins for each sale, provided you've factored in your operational costs.

The “Hmm”s

  1. You're the Builder:
    • With your own website, you're stepping into DIY territory. You'll need to create the site, upload your printables, establish a payment system, and more. It's a bit like constructing your dream house—it's a substantial project, but one that's filled with personal pride.
  2. Drawing in the Crowd:
    • While established platforms come with a ready-made audience, your own website starts as a blank canvas. It's all on your shoulders to promote your site, jazz up its SEO, and devise strategies to pull in traffic.

Stepping into the world of owning your own website might seem like a steep hike, but it's also an exhilarating expedition. It's a chance to shape your own space in the online world—a space that's a true reflection of you and your printables.

Your Printable Adventure Awaits

Choosing where to set up your printable shop can feel like standing at the edge of a high dive—it's a little nerve-racking but oh-so thrilling. Remember, it's not about finding a platform that ticks all the boxes, but one that fits snugly with your ambitions and your printables. Whether it's Etsy's vibrant artisan buzz, Shopify's robust retail powerhouse, Amazon Handmade's artsy alcove, Gumroad's warm simplicity, Creative Market's designer dreamland, Teachers Pay Teachers' educational oasis, or the open freedom of your own website—each platform has its unique charm.

What's the best way forward? Align yourself with a platform that resonates with your personal style, echoes the ethos of your printable creations, and connects with the type of audience you aim to captivate. And hey, who says you can't test-drive a few platforms before finding your perfect fit? The best part is, the choice is entirely yours.

But hold up! The learning train doesn't stop here. If you're craving more wisdom nuggets or simply yearn to mingle with fellow printable fans, we've got the perfect place on the web just for you to take the next step.

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